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The Weekly Roundup 18.03.18

Half the world’s entertainment media seems to have been at SXSW recently but not us, sadly. We’ve still been here, working away, looking for the best of music to tempt your taste buds into sample some not-so-forbidden musical fruits.

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The Weekly Roundup 03.12.17

The UK is slowly becoming a tragedy masquerading as farce, and at times like this I find music to be a refuge, regardless of its tone or content. As long as it takes me away for a few minutes or maybe even a few hours, the world doesn’t seem so forbidding a place for a little while. Speaking of which, on with the playlist!

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Introducing: David Harks

Over the past couple of years, David Harks has been quietly building up a reputation with his band Safetalk, in addition to solo releases on labels like Sunday Best, Kitsune and Eskimo Recordings that have seen him tipped by the likes of DIY, Clash, Neon Gold, Thump and many more. On top of his collaborations with other acts, Harks has released a new solo single in the form of Avalon. We decided to catch up with him to find out more about what makes this prolific artist tick!

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