The solo project of Wolfgang Schrödl, a Berlin-based electronic folk musician; 7Fields’ recent album marked a musical debut of sorts, being his first release under this moniker. The project sees Schrödl move on from the sound he helped popularise as a member of Liquido – for which he was the songwriter and singer, as you can hear on What we have done.

With a seamless blending of almost subliminal folk stylings in the arrangement, mellow electronica and quietly evolving rhythms, What we have done takes elements of ‘the sound of Berlin’ and turns it in to something very different. That heavy bass and percussion have been softened and made into something more intimate and emotive, reinforcing the very personal story about loss and suppression detailed in the lyrics and present in every vocal inflection.

What we have done can be streamed and downloaded now and also features on his eponymous 2017 album which you can listen to on Spotify and all major digital outlets. The EP features remixes by Niklas Ibach, Christian Bachmann (our favourite!) and Dayne S.