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April 2018

NEW MUSIC: Langston Francis – Fall From Grace

Langston Francis is a Toronto-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and photographer who brings elements of his childhood to the fore in his music.  Growing up in the Kensington Market area of Toronto he’s spoken about being surrounded by hip hop, electronica, and jazz music as a child – influences he says have helped shape his music and creativity. Check out the video for his new track Fall From Grace below.

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NEW MUSIC: Priest – Lost Lions

PRIEST (vocalist Camille Priest and producer David Kazyk) make superior indie-pop with a light touch and sublime electronic twist. Having featured on the blog back in January with Our Time Will Come, they’re back with another slice of precise pop with a smooth number called Lost Lions.

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NEW MUSIC: NYSSA – Champion of Love

Canadian producer and singer NYSSA describes her sound as ‘sequin-encrusted beats and powerhouse vocals’, and it’s fuelled by a love of retro musical genres, a blend of reverence for the past and precocious talent that can turn them in to something exciting and new, like on current single Champion of Love.

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Every Motion is the second solo single by Felix Räuber, known to many outside his native Germany as the frontman of Polarkreis 18 – a band that achieved much acclaim for amongst other songs, their indie anthem Allein Allein. His solo career has taken him in a very different direction, still creating crowd pleasing music but of a more personal, contemplative nature, as you can hear on Every Motion.

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NEW MUSIC: Curxes – The Stars, Like Dust

Hailing from the Isle of Wight in the UK, Curxes is the current project of electronic musician and illustrator Roberta Fidora. On the back of her recent Gilded Cage album she’s picked the track The Stars, Like Dust to get a bespoke and rather unusual video directed by Rob Luckins – viewers of a certain vintage might find it quite endearing, if a bit scary!

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