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January 2018

Martin Christie’s Music Travels: We Are Us

We Are Us (also known as UX) are a high energy electronic duo who play heart felt music that resonates the incredible ups and tougher downs of living in the post knowledge society (the age of unreason).  There is real emotional depth to their music and live performance, so I wanted to find out more about what Dan Elsmore and Stu James were planning for 2018.

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NEW MUSIC: Cub Sport – Good Guys Go

Brisbane quartet Cub Sport have gained great acclaim for their sumptuous and elegant blending of classic 80s R&B, synthpop and soul into a sensual and at times overtly sexual love potion. Think Prince producing Empire of the Sun and that’s a hint of the delicious sound the band serves up on new track Good Guys Go.

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Introducing: Flesh Eating Foundation

Flesh Eating Foundation can be best described as a loose alliance of musicians and creatives based in the Stafford area of the UK. With Jon E. Smoke and The Juddaman at the creative core, the duo plus more has an at times bewildering array of music, film and artistic projects to their name. After an early listen to their new album We Are Fucked and being impressed by its political anti-pop, we decided to ask them about the album them and much, much more.

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NEW MUSIC: Promenade Cinema – Polaroid Stranger

Sheffield has long been known as a mainstay of many UK electronic scenes over the years, and one of the current electronic gems are the duo Promenade Cinema.  With a sound they describe as ‘Cinedramatic Synthpop’, their music is haunting and at times melodramatic, blending danceable beats with dark wave synths; perfectly illustrated on new single Polaroid Stranger.

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NEW MUSIC: Plya – Adrenaline

Vocalist Julia Sykes, Kris Taylor (guitar) and William Brown (drums) are PLYA, who have followed up their track Thinking Of You which we featured back in October with the subtly epic Adrenaline. It’s fair to say the track brings them one step closer to a wider audience for their uplifting dark electro pop sound.

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NEW MUSIC: Tremors – The Rush

Anglo-French electropop trio Tremors are Johnny (vocals), Jordan (synths/programming/production) and Patrick (drums). The three met and formed the band in London and quickly developed their own sound, which riffs on classic 80s synthpop and anthemic stadium rock; as heard on their wonderful new single The Rush.

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