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August 2017

In Review: Cease2Xist – Zero Future

The album was released a few months ago. Dammit, I guess I was too busy gaming to write a review at the time, which is kind of ironic. Anyway, here’s my take on the latest offering from Cease2Xist.

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NEW MUSIC: Oparu – The Deep End

Opāru is the solo music project of Los Angeles based songwriter, singer and actress Dianna St. Hilaire. Opāru’s music can be described as haunting electro with a dark ethereal undertone, with added hints of classical and operatic influences shining through the layers of accessible pop sounds – a blend that is perfectly illustrated on The Deep End.

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The Weekly Roundup 27.08.17

People can be dismissive of popular music at times, especially when it views itself as art, or people critique it as art. For me, it’s a creative process and that qualifies it to be regarded as an art form in common with painting, opera or sculpture. One of the best examples of pop as art (or pop as scam depending on your view of them) is the body of work produced by the KLF/JAMS/JAMMS – from the lowbrow but catchy Doctorin’ the Tardis to the provocative book that followed the track. The group mix high art with low farce on occasions, and though they will possibly never make music again, they’re back to a degree and that makes me happy. And on to the music!

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NEW MUSIC: LCAW – Staring at the Sun

LCAW is the alias of 22-year-old Leon Weber. Munich-based Weber has built a solid reputation as one of the most promising DJ/producers around, gaining recognition and support from the likes Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Martin Garrix and Robin Schulz. His remixes and original works have seen him gain critical acclaim and tens of millions of plays over the last few years – something that is sure to continue with his ‘end of summer’ upbeat club anthem Staring At The Sun which features the vocals of Sophie Hintze.

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NEW MUSIC: Moxi – Figures Bathed in Light

Moxi are a Los Angeles based indie pop outfit built upon the dreamy, ethereal vocals of Anna Toy and surrounded by the moody, atmospheric keyboards of Andy Toy. Drawing on elements from pop, classic cinema, and 80’s new wave, Moxi present Anna’s distinct vocals against a backdrop of dark electronic textures, innovative guitar sounds and sublime dream pop melodies as can be heard on latest release Figures Bathed in Light.

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NEW MUSIC: Wax Botanical – Fat Controller

Wax Botanical is a bit of a savant – as well as being a musician making and releasing music independently under that name since 2003 it’s also the name under which he works as a designer, illustrator and I.T. whizz. But whilst music is his main passion, Tim Harper also has a keen eye as a visual artist as you can see from the video for Fat Controller.

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