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June 2017

NEW MUSIC: Lets Tokyo – Heart Speak

Heart Speak by Lets Tokyo is a real treasure! The Los Angeles/New York group take the very current sound and make full use of Ara’s sweet and soulful vocals to deliver a track that’s immediate and accessible, but with a real emotional core to it.

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NEW MUSIC: Miss Jupiter – The One

Michelle Rose is the driving force behind Miss Jupiter ,whose sound has a distinctly electronic take on psychedelic rock. Previously a backup singer for spooky rock’n’roll outfit Isaac Rother & The Phantoms and ex-choir member of opera singer Claire McKeown’s Honey Child; The One see Miss Jupiter take centre stage.

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NEW MUSIC: Atella – Anyone Out There? (feat. Cal)

Norwegian duo Atella teamed up with vocalist Cal (aka Frida Admunsen) to brew up a delicious blend of what they refer to as  ‘cosmic pop’. Scandinavia excels in producing electronic music in bewildering styles and quantity yet when you hear a track like Anyone Out There? it demonstrates that there’s still the capacity to surprise and delight us musically in the Nordic lands.

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NEW MUSIC: Margeaux – Bad Chick

Margeaux’s Bad Chick is the opening salvo for her upcoming EP – it’s a track that fuses electro-pop sensibilities on to a potent hook. The accompanying visuals are equally compelling as she strides through streets illuminated by streetlights and flashing police lights alike with unbroken poise.

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The Weekly Roundup 25.06.17

Spotify has become an essential part of so many of our lives – it’s a relatively cheap/free way of listening to music for a start. For the price of a CD or a few adverts you can get access to so much music from the 1940’s to the current day. It’s made it possible for smaller bands to get their music on a worldwide platform with relative ease and to make a bit of money from doing what they love. But as with everything there is a hidden price. If you have a free account, Spotify are now trialling inserting tracks in to your playlist, for which they’ll get paid by the band or  label.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem such a bad thing, but there’s two things about it that don’t sit well with me. Firstly, there’s the fact that you create your playlist and they’re monetising it, which seems rather unfair even if you have only an advert supported account. You do they work, they reap the reward – very much the Silicon Valley model of how the internet should work! Let’s face it the free accounts aren’t actually without some cost as you have to engage with the advertising on Spotify to continue listening. The second point is that they will be passing off tracks as yours and if you share playlists, blog or have people that follow what you post then you’ll be seen as affirming the inserted song as one to watch, listen to or just even that you like it.

Spotify lost a lot of money last year and it’s a business at the end of the day, so at some point it needs to turn a profit even though it has a multitude options at its disposal already. At present, it seems you can turn off the sponsored song option in the trial version so that’s a positive aspect of this but things can change. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out! And now, on with the playlist!

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NEW MUSIC: Zoot Woman – Ordinary Face

British act Zoot Woman – a studio trio but live duo – have been making waves since the 2001 release of their debut album Living in A Magazine. Members Adam Blake, Johnny Blake and Stuart Price have consistently released quality emotive electronica ever since and continue that fine run with their new single Ordinary Face.

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