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May 2017

NEW MUSIC: Moullinex – Love Love Love

Producer Moullinex is one of Portugal’s most exciting producers and has, over the past few years, featured everywhere from Mixmag and Vice to The Line of Best Fit and Red Bull’s Music sites. Love Love Love is his latest single he’s released a very special video for it, a video that not only goes with the single but represents a statement Luis (Moullinex) says he wants to make about dance music with his forthcoming album.

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Introducing: undrgrndman

Los Angeles musician undrgrndman is a genre-bending storyteller & multi-instrumentalist with a unique take on music; creating a story and sound for each individual track he releases. Each song is written, arranged, composed, produced, and performed by undrgrndman alone. We recently chatted to this innovative new artist.

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NEW MUSIC: Saint Gillis – Sweet Song

Brussels based act Saint Gillis caught our eyes and ears with their video for Sweet Song. Their debut track is an instrumental but the band say that the upcoming album will also feature tracks with vocals too. The video is cool, funny and a bit odd. Car meets car, they fall in love…

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NEW MUSIC: Mowukis – Animals Used To Scare

MOWUKIS is the project of Louis-Louise Kay. After working with others; collaborating and experimenting with various bands, composing for movie directors, choreographers, contemporary circus acts and many other projects, Kay has released the excellent track Animals Used To Scare and it is well worth checking out.

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The Weekly Roundup 28.05.17

It’s been a hard week here in Manchester to say the least, and I’m still struggling to put in to words how I feel about the horror of it all. I can say is that I’ve been inspired by the reaction of so many people – the families of the victims, the people of Manchester in the way they have responded to hate with messages of love, sharing and unity. If you’d like to offer financial support to the families of the victims, you can get more details here. Like many others we’ve got to keep going so with that in mind, on with the music.

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NEW MUSIC: The Highfields – Good Vibes

Nate and Kaelie Highfield formed The Highfields back in 2011 and have been pioneering their own sound ever since. On the track Good Vibes they showcase it perfectly: it’s a bit indie, a bit synthpop, and totally topped up with a large measure of quirky but catchy lyrics. The band say the track is is about ‘discovering positive energy and spreading it to everyone you meet’. You can see and hear what they mean when you watch the cleverly conceived video for the track.

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