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April 2017

NEW MUSIC: Starling – In The Dark

Left-field pop artist Starling caught our interest with her latest release In The Dark. It’s a challenging song, reflecting her experience of having a drink spiked. Starling’s voice has a rounded blues/soul quality to it, which works well with the chilled, gothic trip-hop ambience of the song.

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The Weekly Roundup 30.04.17

Work has got in the way of fun this week, but I did manage to catch one gig at least. I enjoyed it, even if I was one of the unknown quantities of any live audience: the person who is there to see the support band! We’ve all done it and when one of your favourite acts is in town opening for a band you’re not majorly into that’s not going to stop you going!  It’s important to recognise and respect others though – bands and fellow gig goers are there for a different reason to you and theirs is equally as valid. I did feel a slight twinge of guilt as I saw people standing outside hoping for last minute tickets to the sold out show though. But whatever my reasons for being there I followed the unwritten rules of being a support band fan; I stayed for the headliner, I listened to them, I listened to them with an open mind and I broadened my musical horizons a bit . Oh, and I had fun! And now, on with the show.

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NEW MUSIC: Frida Sundemo – It’s OK

Swedish singer and all round musical genius Frida Sundemo captured our hearts once again with her new track It’s OK. It has a sweeping ballad-style quality to it, with her trademarked sweet and vulnerable vocal style, lush strings and brooding synths. Simultaneously majestic and heart-tugging, it certainly gets the pulse racing. Check it out.

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