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March 2017

NEW MUSIC: The Ghost of Helags – Waking Up This Town

Swedish duo The Ghost Of Helags describe their sound as ‘classy Scandinavian electronica, filtered through Berlin grit’. On Waking Up This Town, John Alexander Ericson (music) and Teresa Woischiski (vocals) create a poignant strain of urbanised ambient synthpop that really gets in to your soul.  Watch it here.

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The Weekly Roundup 26.03.17

March has flown by, the seasons change, bands and people come and go. The only real constant in our lives is change and I guess many of us look to music to give us a soundtrack for the life we live today. I know I do, finding the right music makes work and play that more enjoyable – or bearable – depending on your frame of mind. Let’s get on with this week’s offerings, shall we?

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In Review: Parallels – Metropolis

Canada seems to do a nice line in synthpop these days, with well known and respected acts like Austra and Grimes flying the flag. Toronto’s Parallels should easily be joining that list on the strenth of Metropolis, their latest album.

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NEW MUSIC: Shmoo – Head to Toe

I have to say upfront that I was deeply afraid of Shmoos as a child, The New Shmoo even more so. They wanted to be eaten and would throw themselves in a frying pan!  As a result I was a bit wary when I was introduced to the concept of a Shmoo or two making music. I’m glad I overcame my wariness as  I’d have missed out on Shmoo who are now releasing their third single, following up  Ghost and Plastic Surgery with the infectious and sublime Head To Toe.

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