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December 2016

LIST: The Top 10 Albums of 2016 [according to Mark Buckley]

I normally have the attention span of a forgetful fruitfly with a tequila induced hangover, so this top ten of stuff is er, my top ten of stuff as I write it. After a few rewrites it has changed a bit – there was just too much good stuff out there. Oh look! A cute dog on the internet!

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NEW MUSIC: The New Division – Vices

The New Division is the alias of Los Angeles based electronic Musician/Producer John Glenn Kunkel. With 3 albums and 4 EP’s as well as numerous remixes and productions on his impressive and extensive resume, Kunkel starts 2017 with The New Division’s most euphoric and synth-heavy record yet: PRECISION. Vices is the first single from that EP.

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In Review: Hausfrau – Trivial Pursuits

I have heard your electronic musical future, and it’s Hausfrau.

More specifically, it’s the Trivial Pursuits EP, which has, admittedly been knocking about since October, but is now very much in the spotlight here and now.

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NEW MUSIC: YELLE – Ici & Maintenant

French electropop connoisseurs YELLE have just released the video for their unashamedly catchy new track Ici & Maintenant (translated as Here & Now). This minimal synthpop earworm is accompanied by a highly entertaining video which features a cameo from US actor and comedian Nathan Barnatt; and we highly recommend giving it your attention.

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NEW MUSIC: Red Sleeping Beauty – We Are Magic

Though a new name to us, Sweden’s Red Sleeping Beauty have been producing delightful electropop tracks since 1989; releasing a variety of albums and singles across a range of labels. We Are Magic is their new track and yep, they certainly are.

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NEW MUSIC: Past You – Faith

Past You are a a dream pop project from New York who describe their music as ‘a dancefloor collaboration between The National and M83’. It’s as good as that sounds, and their new track Faith is a delightful mix of mellow electronic vibes and heartfelt lyrics about codependence, spirituality, and paradise lost.

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