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October 2016

In Review: Post Pines – Past Eyes

Dripping with an icy ambience that seduces the ear with dangerous places and thoughts, Past Eyes  is a mesmerising and disturbing  four track EP from Sweden’s Post Pines. Read Mark’s review here.

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Introducing: REYNA

REYNA are sisters Victoriah (vocal/guitar/keys) and Hannah Gabriela Banuelos (lead vocal/bass/keys) from Milwaukee, Wiscocsin and their beautiful yet melancholy brand of electronic pop was an instant hit in the Electronic North office. We caught up with REYNA to chat about their influences, background and future plans.

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In Review: Apoptygma Berzerk – Exit Popularity Contest

Over the last few years, Norwegian synth-rock masters Apoptygma Bezerk have released a series of three more experimental EPs spearheaded by Stephan Groth : Stop Feeding The Beast, Videodrome and Xenogenesis. These works have certainly been different from, yet still complimentary to the core Apop sound. On Exit Popularity Contest, which was released on 7th October, those three EPs are distilled and reworked in to a thrilling and unified piece. It’s not what you’d expect from Apoptygma Berzerk, but cast those judgements aside and give it a listen.

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New Music: Marc Heal – Adult Fiction

Marc Heal may not be a name you instantly recognise, but he has been a presence in electronic music since the late 1980’s  when his band Westwon toured with Gary Numan and recorded with Colin Thurston. His next band, Cubanate, then achieved success in the industrial scene in the 1990’s with four acclaimed albums and some iconic singles which still fill club floors to this day.  After a lengthy hiatus, Marc has just released the video for his new track, a superb industrial piece called Adult Fiction. Enjoy.

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New Music: Hausfrau – Trivial Pursuits

Hausfrau is Claudia Nova, Glasgow-based musician and artist. Trivial Pursuits follows her debut full length release, 2014’s Night Tides and the video is a moody, lo-fi adventure that just oozes minimalist style and cool. Check it out below.

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New Music: Lolahiko – Murder

Lolahiko is Lauren Marie (lyricist, vocals) and Ike Kawaguchi (producer, vocals), who naturally started making music together after meeting in Los Angeles a year ago. They’ve just dropped their second single Murder and it’s excellent. Have a listen.

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