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August 2016

New Music: Oliver Munch – Mallawa

Oliver Munch is an eclectic multi-instrumentalist/producer and sometimes DJ living on the North Coast of Australia. He says that ‘surf and skate culture influence individuality and a drive to amalgamate genres without the pressure of fitting into a box’ and you can certainly feel that in his compositions. His new track, Mallawa is a flowing piece of instrumental hip hop with a lush vocal lead that we recommend you listen to.

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Introducing: Man With Glasses

Ian Beattie and Craig Johnston are Man With Glasses, a new Scottish outfit with a penchant for melodic, instrumental electronica, storytelling and pirates (yarr!). We chatted with Ian about the band’s influences, future and their upcoming adventures as part of our Introducing series.

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Playlist: Nature of Wires presents Goosebumps

Some of these songs were the first I’d ever heard by a particular artist, going back to when I was about 11.  These are the songs which had an immediate impact on me and which turned me into a lifelong fan.  Other songs are by artists of which I was already a major fan and which gave me instant goosebumps, having already expected them to be epic.

I couldn’t decide in which order to put them at first – age, ranking, etc, so I took the easy route and listed them alphabetically. Consider it a bit of an A to Z of tracks I love, from a whole range of genres.

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In Review: SIGHT – Monsoon

Simply put, Monsoon is utterly charming. With this album, up-and-coming UK electronic artist Daniel P. Smith (under the alias of Sight) has opened himself up to new life experiences, by documenting his time in India – taking in sounds, and experiences, mixing them up and collecting them together to craft something utterly wonderful – it’s like a sonic journey through your headphones (like Tycho meeting Massive Attack), right into one of the most diverse countries (and cultures) on the planet.

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New Music: Analogue Electronic Whatever – Buzzers and Bells

Using cast-away sounds, re-cycled synths and drum machines AEW create a balance between pop structures and experimentation. The sounds and textures are crafted from vintage sources creating warm and mellow music that explores themes of childhood, the natural world, industrialism and pop history. More than just revivalist AEW weave melodies, speech and atmospherics to capture moments and moods that summon a deep sense of nostalgia.

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Introducing: This Human Condition

This Human Condition are an electronic duo from Bristol, formed in early 2015. Blending a whole gamut of different electronic music influences including synthpop, trip hop, dance, pop, house, trance and dubstep, they describe their genre as ‘Handbag Electro Punk’ and quite frankly, that description alone was enough to make us want to chat to them as part of our Introducing series. Read on for a little more insight into this most excellent band.

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In Review: 8 Bit Weapon – Disassembly Language: Ambient Music for Deprogramming Vol. 1

L.A. based 8 Bit Weapon are a band that have a history of using old video game consoles and vintage instruments to create music. Sometime it is lo-fi, sometimes upbeat and sometimes minimal, their past releases have included influences from video game music, techno, pop and vapourwave. Clocking in at over an hour long, their newest album; the delightfully titled Disassembly Language: Ambient Music for Deprogramming Vol. 1 is a meandering, ambient 8-bit odyssey.

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Introducing: Draconic Elimination Projects

Based in Reading, Draconic Elimination Projects is a dark electronic music project born of idealism, eclecticism and the drive to do something different. We caught up with D.E.P. main man Mark Haigh to find out a little more about his musical output, remix work and his future endeavours.

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