The Weekly Roundup 23.04.17

Well that week has flown by! I celebrated surviving a festival weekend by going to a few gigs to keep my fix of live music topped up. Luckily work didn’t get in the way of getting to the gigs early, so I managed to catch the support bands.

And then I got thinking; who would envy the lot of the opening act, especially on a big tour or sell out gig? They’ll obviously have their own fan base to get the tour slot, but it can be a tough proposition for them. Most people will be there to see the headline band and may turn up late, chill out in another part of the venue or (for me the greatest sin of all) stand right in front of the stage, chatting through the entire set!

It’s all part of the downside of being a support band but obviously they do get to travel, have an opportunity to make new fans and see new places but it can still be hard for a band, as much as they love what they are doing. We will never will like every support band but it’s important to remember that they are part of the experience of going to a live event and for some people it’s an opportunity to see a band that otherwise might never come to their town or city. Oh, and bands members are people too, even the drummers so be nice!

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NEW MUSIC: Snow Culture – The Box

I might have a weakness for Swedish electro and pop but when a country can produce bands like Snow Culture and songs like The Box on such a prolific basis, who can blame me? The Swedish dark pop duo of A and O (Ana Diaz and Oskar Sikow) follow up their track No Sleep with a track that is a wonderful piece of brooding musical majesty.

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North Carolina based TSTR (pronounced tee-ster) caught our interest with this little synthwave gem. Gone is a melodic track, two and a half minutes of synth goodness,  all midtempo arpeggios and synth leads to create a subtly ominous feel.

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NEW MUSIC: Lines – Weekends

Sweden is consistently producing new pop acts that have a bit of a twist, and the latest addition to come to our attention is Stockholm based act LINES. Their new track Weekends drops today and judging by this track, weekends around these guys are probably fun and a little bit dangerous.

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